Forbidden Digital

Email Marketing

Over 100!


Emails per day. Yes, it is A LOT. 


The average person receives over 100 emails every single day, but opens 20-30 of them. How many actually answer the call-to-action… not even worth mentioning.


Email marketing can be the maker or the breaker of a business.


And it is what differentiates a top player from the mass.

Our Strategy

It starts with… you guessed. Research. The base of everything strong in marketing.


We analyze and dive deep into your market and see the defining traits of content they REACT to.


We then formulate strategies, depending on the type of campaign you will be conducting – periodical newsletter, product/service launch, reminders or outreaches (or any of the many other types).


Lastly, we go on to craft the emails (or the template) in a fashion that will get the desired result of the campaign.

Email "Campaigns"

There are two types of approaches, depending mainly on the RECIPIENT (not the message).






Group emails go to your subscriber list, opt-ins or cold outreach.


It’s like posting on social media – generic feel with individual target.


The email is written based on characteristics presented by the average of your recipients and targeting the main pressure spots presented by your market.


Individualized emails have an entirely different structure. 


Personalized down to a comma, the recipient identifies 100% with the e-mail.


The email is based on individual research into the prospect, deep understanding of their behavior and previous conversations (if any).


After these steps, we will determine the optimal schedule for sending (time of day, day of week) in accordance to the recipient.


Emails are written by YOU. That is the premise.


They are written in your voice, in your style, but always adapted to the recipient.


Persuasive and effective subject lines.


Entirely personalized content. Optimum length. Perfect balance between specificity and mystery.


Well-defined call-to-action.



Things that we shouldn't mention


When it comes to personalized content – the forbidden wisdom inside the CODE is clear.


Every human being is different and reacts differently to different situations.


Automation plays NO role here.


It is this principle we base our strategy on.


And it is what gets YOU the results.