Forbidden Digital

Market Research

Fact: A soldier should not go to battle with too little or bad quality ammunition. The outcome would be disastrous.


The same applies to a business. Methodical, comprehensive, game-changing research provides the raw materials needed for tackling the challenges faced and ultimately leading to growth.


It is the effective base on which earth-shattering marketing is built.

Our Strategy

Any market is a complex entity formed of 3 main components.


• Products


• Offer: Businesses who sell


• Demand: Individuals who buy


We conduct an intensive analysis of these 3 key pieces in your niche and formulate tactics we will use to tackle all angles involved – and then a few more.


We present the conclusions, the pros and cons of your current approach and the solutions.

Research Steps

Market research takes place online. It is easy.


Unmatched market research takes place on a whole new level – inside the mind of the individuals in your niche.


We start with taking a deep dive in understanding your products or services – quality, value ladder, scalability.


Then we look to your current clients and potential clients – finding the answers to important (and some unsettling) questions, like: Why do they buy? Why do others don’t? What are their expectations? Why do they prefer X instead of Y? And this list can go on.


And lastly we look at the competitors. We look at the top players, assess what steps they took to get to this point and what they are currently doing better. We look at peers and compare strategies and seek out potential fast growth at this level.


After gathering this considerable batch of raw information we filter it, refine it and provide KEY elements that need addressing in the short, medium and long run.

Onto the next steps

Once the foundation is laid, we can finally start building. It may be laborious, but a hurricane won’t move this structure.


Individual solutions will be implemented in accordance to your business specifics in all the pressure points we identified earlier.

Things that we shouldn't mention

The knowledge contained inside the code is paradigm-shifting. Although the principles are the same as they have always been, the methods are constantly changing.


And so we always adapt.


It is important to learn these principles and apply them in this dynamic and ever-evolving world to get results.


And deliver them to YOU.